for researchers

A variety of training courses and activities available for researchers of all career stages.

All courses can be tailored to your needs. Bespoke workshops and activities are also available. 

All of our activities are available in-person or virtually

Grant Writing 101

Taking participants through developing the idea to getting all the ducks in a row to final submission. This course covers more than writing well. Participants will think about planning the proposal, putting themselves into the shoes of a reviewer, integrating impact into their project, and engaging with feedback.

Writing Sprint

A rapid-fire method to initiate proposal development for individuals who are ready to start writing.

Peer review principles & practice

For both novice and experienced peer reviewers to improve the quality and effectiveness of their reviews, and provide invaluable insight into the peer review process and what reviewers are looking for in a fundable grant.

Spotlight sessions

Snappy 45 min live info sessions on a range of topics including impact, industry engagement, peer review, lay summaries, fellowships, or a topic of your choice.

Proposal review

1:1 non technical review of your draft written grant proposal.

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