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Advancing Research Development through creativity and support

Our Story

With over 25 years’ combined research development and funding agency experience, and as former researchers, we understand the many facets of developing and supporting innovative discovery and research. We bring creativity and professionalism to all we do. We are passionate about the positive impact research development can have on an institution and its researchers.

WisbAng’s mission is to promote and support the practice of research development as widely as possible.

Dr Caroline Ang

I’m a research development professional with expertise in initiating and growing industry-academic relationships, research institute management, and creating and implementing university-wide EU funding strategies. 

I worked in Ireland for 11 years prior to moving to the UK in 2012 and covered a wide range of research management roles including research development, pre-award finance, contract negotiation, post-award project reporting, and public engagement. As one of the first programme officers at national funder Science Foundation Ireland, I managed Biotechnology grant calls and peer review. 

Dedicated to exploring and sharing best practice, I present at professional society conferences including ARMA, SRA International and NORDP, with a particular interest in methods for facilitating collaborations, generating new research ideas, and providing more time-efficient support. From 2016-19, I provided training on international collaboration, and impact in EU funding for the European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law. 

I have a PhD in Neurobiology from The Rockefeller University, and BSc (Toronto) and MSc (Ottawa) degrees in Molecular Biology.

Dr Laura Wisby

An experienced Research Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working effectively in both the higher education industry and within a funding agency.

I have extensive experience training academics in research development and grant writing, working with both cohorts of academics and individuals on a one to one basis advising on and supporting the development of their research grant applications. I design, develop and run managed processes for both grant applications to external funders and university funding schemes. I work closely with academic departments and faculties to develop their research funding strategies and peer review processes as well as reviewing and providing feedback on individual draft applications. I contribute to the ARMA training course “Raising the Quality of Research Proposals” and have been a mentor on the ARMA research administration and management course. 

Prior to my Research Development role I was a Board Manager at the Medical Research Council where I managed the peer review process for the Populations and Systems Medicine Board. I am a skilled research professional with a PhD in Genetics (MRC Harwell) and a first class honours degree in Medical Microbiology (Surrey).